L’Core Paris Complaints

Beauty Blogger gives her verdict on L’Core Paris

At times I wish I could turn back time and go back  to 23 years old, and sometimes I don’t miss my 20s because the knowledge you gain at the age of 30 just seems more about focus and creating a lifestyle that is suited for you.

I committed the mistake of not taking care of my skin or I should say not investing on my skin. I often slept late at night and did not even bother to moisturize my face. It all became clear to me that I was suffering from dry and flaky skin. I just stared at my face in the mirror and realized that I no longer like what I was seeing in there.

This got me into a frantic state, I worked hard for several years and invested my money on a number of financial investment schemes and I was on a roll but forgot my skin entirely.

Research on the best skin care treatments

I was in the state of panic and the first thing I did was research. While, yes there are a lot of natural ways to improve my skin. I needed a bit of help in getting the youthful 20 year old skin. The first thing I did was stop smoking; this was really getting detrimental for my health and the way I looked. Conscious of the way I look and perceive myself I began the journey of finding the best skin care treatment that could work for my 30 year old skin—my 30 years of existence.

A top New York socialite helped me figure what I wanted to do with my skin. Sephora Sloan was the go to person for these types of things. Aside from the really good dress and make up tips and restaurants she recommends. She has become a sort of an addict for L’Core Paris and has been tweeting about it non-stop. This made me curious about what made this New York socialite so excited about L’Core Paris facial creams and toners and I had to try it for myself.

Despite seeing some L’Core Paris complaints displayed on Yelp and other review pages I just had to try the L’Core Paris cream because it was being endorsed by quality people. Socialites in Las Vegas can’t seem to get enough of it and if the top people in the industry are using it then I need to have it.

The L’Core Paris complaints of individuals who are not even in the social circle of the best in the world mean nothing. You still need to get it from people who are top influencers like Sephora Sloan.

I began being more health conscious at the age of 30, and while I have already improved my food diet I am working on adding more skin care treatments and facials on my regular list of things to do. Because while I invested money in the financial market I forgot my physical appearance and not feeling good about you is still not a welcome feeling.

After all, I did all of those saving up and learning the business and financial investment to get to a point where I can pamper myself. Using L’Core Paris facial creams and serums is just a start of the process and creating a beauty blog that is honest and approachable is also a part of the task.

On Preventing Wrinkles
I have purchased the entire Diamond collection from L’Core Paris. It felt the right thing do to during that time. It contained a complete set of serum and creams that my face needs. I decided it was more affordable rather than getting a chemical peel or botox for that matter and it made me feel more elegant. The facial creams and serums contained colloidal gold and diamond powder. Other part of the collection like the Sapphire collection also contained skin care creams and facial mousse and toners that worked wonders for wrinkles.

I have learned over the years, that prevention is better than cure in most cases. If I was already using facial moisturizers when I was younger then there could have been a lot of stress and skin damage that I could have prevented. Sunscreens became a regular part of my skin care routine, this was a really good way to assure that every time I go out I am not burning my skin and reducing the chances of rejuvenating it.

There was really no health bloggers and beauty bloggers and sharing socialites before on the internet. You basically lack information on what to do with your face and your style. But over the years, through careful attention I now know what type of skin care to provide my skin and what type of people to get direction from.

Verdict on L’Core Paris products:

After using L’Core Paris products specially the Sapphire Milk cleanser and the 24k Eye serum I began to feel more confident about the way I look. I started allowing others to take my picture. I began feeling happy about the way I see myself and I am starting to feel comfortable in my skin. Although there are still bits of insecurities I am trying to change for the better. I no longer hate my face and nose, and have accepted a big part of myself.

Despite following some social bloggers and elites- I still recommend others to be who they are and not try so much on becoming others. L’Core Paris on the other hand is just really an effective product that is worthy of sharing. I have no L’Core Paris complaints so far and it was a good experience and I am definitely adding it on the list of skin care products to use and appreciate.

For further information, there are other L’Core Paris reviews that are given online by the manufacturers. Those who are interested in the products and would like to try it as well can go to www.lcoreparis.com and browse through the collection series.