Body Care Secrets

We often focus our skincare budget on facial products and makeup. We forget that our body also needs some nourishment aside from our drugstore shower scrubs and body lotions. It just doesn’t match up if you have a really pristine makeup and down to the shoulder to your feet, your skin is flaking dry.

As a model, doing a lot of bikini photoshoots can be a hassle for me. I admit. I have stretch marks and all those kinds of stuff. Stretch marks can be easily concealed with some foundation or leg makeup. To minimize these stretch marks, I use Clarins’ Stretch Mark Minimizer cream. It does the job but it doesn’t completely remove it so I still need to pack some foundation up those lines.

The trickiest part in bikini photoshoots is evening out discolorations in my body and dark spots. I have a brown complexion and having lighter patches and dark patches is really hard to even out with bare makeup. You either have to use tanning spray or paint your skin. Tanning spray is not an option for me since I have a really sensitive skin so I can’t risk burning my skin with excessive use of it, thinking about how often I do photoshoots like that, I’d probably overdose on tanning sprays if I were to use it.

I recently tried the body balm from L’core Paris. At first, when I saw the Gourmet Body Butter I was excited to buy since it says it can reduce cellulites and stretch marks. But I hesitated when I saw the price tag with a screaming hundred dollars. So I did a little research and saw that there are not much L’core cosmetics complaint against this product. I decided to give it a shot and I wasn’t disappointed! I continuously used the product for a month and saw that the patches are slowly blending into my original tone. It also helps my stretch maerk minimizer cream in removing the lines from my skin. In after two to three months more, I’m pretty sure that this will erase all my troubles.


My Routine

I start with using my body salt scrub for deep exfoliation. Then after I use it, I put my skin into another round of wash and use L’core Paris’ Gourmet Body Butter. Finishing my bath I go ahead and hydrate my skin with deep moisturizing body lotion.