L’Core Paris Fake

Dealing with Acne Problems

I have been suffering for roughly 4 years now, this was not a problem when I was in Junior High but for some reason the acne started surfacing during college. Just this year, I visited a dermatologist clinic with my mom. I was beginning to get worried about my skin condition on my body and face. My face has become so sensitive and I also started developing back acne. I came back from Bangkok, Thailand during after 4 weeks and noticed these sudden changes. My dermatologist has prescribed two different creams for my face and body separately and told me to go back for a follow up appointment.

The product that was given to me was L’Core Paris Acne Control Mask and the Gourmet Body butter. My dermatologist told me that this is the best product he can recommend if I want immediate results. I was really hoping that my acne problem will be reduced by the time I attend College. To my surprise, within just one week my pimples and back acne started clearing out. I felt really happy with the product and decided to leave this testimonial for L’Core Paris review.

My dermatologist gave rave reviews for this product and it has convinced my mom that this is worth a shot. It’s a bit different from the usual products that I am using but it came with really beautiful packaging.

For the first few weeks or rather the first night I applied a pea size of the Acne Control Mask on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. The next morning I felt my skin become smoother and less dry than a few days ago. My skin did not flake and by the end of the week I realized that the area around my eyes was looking better. Not to mention the redness on my skin has been considerably reduced. I applied the mask daily before going to sleep. I wanted to boost the moisture on my skin.

The next product that I tried for my back acne is the Gourmet Body butter. I had to ask my sister to apply the cream on my back after my shower. It felt elegant on the skin and I had a good time using it. Because of the supreme quality of the products itself I made this L’Core Paris review so that other scan benefit from it too.

I am also leaving some skin care tips that others may find helpful, especially if they are just starting out in finding the best skin care regime that will suit their skin.


My Daily Skin care regime:

The first thing that I do in the morning is to rinse off with a cleanser and then finish it with cold water. This will help reduce the existence of large pores. The next thing I do is to exfoliate; I do this 2-3 times a week. If you have extra time you can exfoliate every day but make sure to use a gentle cleanser. You can try the Sapphire Milk Cleanser for this purpose. To speed up the fading of acne scars, you can use the Acne Facial mask together with the Vitamin C serum from L’Core Paris. All of these products have received a positive review for me.

Make it a point to avoid touching your face with your nails for the entire day and keep it as clean as possible. You have better chances of preventing acne by reducing the instances wherein you touch your skin.

If you still do not see any changes on your face that is the time to eat more fruits and vegetables and to stop eating processed foods. Eating fries from fast foods and other oily food does very little in your quest to attaining gorgeous skin.

You also need to have 6 to 7 hours of sleep every day. No matter how good the skin care products are you will still have a hard time getting a glowing skin if you are tired. You need sleep to properly function and you would also need to include exercise in your diet. In this way you will be releasing the excess toxins in your body. To increase the effect use cosmetic brands that makes use of organic ingredients like L’Core Paris. It is best to use the facial creams, serums and toners by batch and to avoid mixing the products. Remaining to one product brand is better than risking ingredients from getting mixed up.

Take the time to learn what ingredients are good and bad for your skin. Check the label of the ingredients and if you want to know more about the product you can check www.lcoreparis.com.  You can learn more about the advanced technology that L’Core Paris has used as well as the main key ingredients that are added on the list.

Always keep a separate towel for your face and do not put I inside the bathroom to avoid bacteria from getting in. You also have to be careful about purchasing fake cosmetic products. The thing that I like best about L’Core Paris is that there is no L’Core Paris fake or scam products out in the market. The formulation and ingredients is hard to copy and because of this the chances of encountering L’Core Paris fake products is slim.

How to avoid getting acne:

The best way to prevent acne is to prepare against the formation of the acne itself. While I have positive L’Core reviews I would also be adding in practical tips. The skin must be moisturized and hydrated. The purpose is to reduce the skin peeling, select moisturizers that are not oily and is fit for all types of skin to prevent acne.

You also need to stop using make up while you are having acne, you need to do this to reduce the impact of the damage that acne cause. For back acne regular scrubbing and exfoliation can do wonders of the body. Selecting a lotion that contains moisturizing effects is also recommended. If you do have to use make up during this process, make sure to avoid wearing too much foundation and blush. Make sure to remove the make up by the end of the day and select make up that is oil free and free of dyes and chemicals. In this way you can reduce the chances of acne from existing in your face.