Thorough cleansing benefits to the skin

Skin dry patches and how thorough cleansing heals it

I noticed that there are spots in my skin that doesn’t take in any makeup or skincare products. I try my best to put on moisturizers in those patches but it also doesn’t work. I immediately thought that maybe there’s something wrong in my skin. I don’t want to continue on sporting the patchy foundation look.

So here’s what the experts asked me first: Are you using mild exfoliators? Well, I don’t know how to classify my drugstore bought exfoliators and facial cleansers. I usually just invest my money on other skincare products like moisturizers, anti aging creams and essential oils. Apparently, top notch facial cleansers and exfoliators will give you better chance on maximizing the effects of your skincare products.

First, a clean face equates to lesser chance of developing acne and any sort of impurities. Having a top notch cleansing brands also means that it has a better chance in reaching in deep inside the pores. Dirt and chemicals that are left in the face will agitate the sensitive parts of the skin and it will cause impurities. Not only that, it can make the all over surface of the skin to be flaky and dry. This explains the spots in my skin that doesn’t absorb any makeup or any skincare product that I use. I thought that because the skin is dry, I automatically assumed that the perfect treatment for it will be caking up my face with moisturizer. I finally lost all hope when it repels even the strongest moisturizer there is.

The Solution

I got myself a couple of facial wash from L’Core Paris’ Sapphire line. I got the cleansing mousse the facial toner. I’ve read that there are claims that there are L’Core Products fake versions. These knockoffs are being sold around the website for half the price. I wouldn’t want to risk myself on getting one of those so I’ll just stick with their good ol’ fashion retail shop.

So, I was really impressed with the cleansing mousse since it did not dry out my face despite the exfoliation. I also noticed that it doesn’t have that stinging feeling. I can see that my face is more radiant plump and the patches are gradually clearing out. I just enhance this with my Crème De La Mer and I’m really pleased that I can evenly spread foundation into my face with just 2-3 uses of the L’Core Paris Mousse Cleanser.