L'Core Paris Review

How to spot Fake Skin Care products that can harm your Skin

Consumers need to be more careful when buying skin care products. The cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry and many untrustworthy individuals are trying to create counterfeit skin care products. These fake products have entered the local market and are openly marketed.

Without proper quality control to determine the right formulation for each product, the counterfeit is guaranteed to create problems for the consumers. Women who are not careful with the products they are using will find the problem getting worse and they will end up spending more than what is necessary because  the treatment for solving the damage caused by fake skin care products are far more expensive.
Being a skin care dermatologist I always tell my clients to be vigilant. A person can never be too sure about the skin care products they are using. Buying cheap skin care products might seem like  a good idea of you are trying to save money, but if the skin is damaged permanently will it still be a worthwhile idea?

A cheap price is not always a good indicator that the product is worth it; if the item is counterfeit then it will not include authentic ingredients. Some fake skin care cosmetics would even include arsenic and other harmful substances.

To help clients understand how each product works. I have selected high end luxury brand for reviews. One of my top favorites is the L’Core Paris skin care products.

L’Core Paris Review

About the company

L’Core Paris is an international cosmetic brand that originated in France. It has worldwide stores and the main headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am looking for a new eye serum to recommend to clients and have chanced upon the 24k Eye Serum from L’Core Paris.

L’Core Eye Serum

This item from L’Core Paris gets thumbs up! It was fun doing a review for L’Core Paris. Their products are a definite stand out from other high end products that I have tried. They can level with brands like L’Oreal and Olay.  The 24K eye serum was crafted from Nanotechnology and makes use of conductors such as diamonds. I recommend it to clients who do not want a surgery; it provides eye lifts and skin rejuvenation. It deeply hydrates and the precious minerals inside the formula make it easy for the skin to absorb it.

Gourmet Body butter

A lot of women look forward to a body spa and would often ask me what body butter to use after their spa regimen?

I found a good solution for this question and this is in the form of the Gourmet Body butter from L’Core Paris.

This gourmet butter is made from organic ingredients and I could recommend it to clients. This body butter is smooth to touch and comes with a really decadent fragrance. It also has strong moisturizing effect on the body and comes with active ingredients. It works effectively on the dermis and could be used for discarding old skin tissue. I recommend it to clients who want to reduce their cellulite and stretch marks.

Lavo Bio Thermal Cream

This skin care product is infused with ruby and was made from spring water. It comes with nourishing botanicals, vitamins and extra-fine Ruby powder. I also recommend this for women who want to reduce the signs of aging without going for surgery. The unique formula of the rubies makes it really interesting to use.

What is my Verdict on L’Core Paris?

My L’Core Paris review of the products has been really positive. It puts the faith back in high end cosmetics. This is a definite must try.

Below are some of my personal tips and guidelines on how clients can avoid purchasing fake or counterfeit products. It is important for people to remain informed about their choices when it comes to skin care products that they use on their face.

Tips on how to avoid counterfeit skin care products

I only recommend professional products, being a dermatologist is a big responsibility. I believe in the value of professional skin care and in offering products that perform well. Women and men want to look good and feel happy about their image. It is sad that other counterfeit companies are trying to fool people into purchasing products that really do nothing for the skin.

Where to Buy Professional Skincare?

The best places to purchase skin care products are at a spa or a dermatologist’s office. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons will not risk their names and would only sell products that they can vouch for. Lawsuits are expensive, if they sell counterfeit products and something goes wrong with the skin of their patients then they are answerable for it.

The amazing thing about getting it from authentic sources is that you also get free advice. I on the other hand purchase my products from www.lcoreparis.com. I have consulted with my peers in the field and they have assured me that the products are quality made and since I have tried it myself I am already giving this skin care expert review about L’Core Paris.

So the next best place to look is an authorized retailer online. The key word is “authorized.” Professional lines are very careful about who they allow to carry their products. Some are very exclusive. For example, Revision Skincare (a line I carry), is only sold in doctor’s offices or medical spas. It is not sold anywhere online, and if you see it online, it’s unauthorized.

To avoid purchasing cheap and counterfeit products only buy from authorized dealers. Visit the main website of the products you are about to purchase and see the licensed retailers.

Although you will be tempted to buy from retailers that provide you discounts you need to be careful because most high end products hardly provide any sale.

This is because the products are made from high quality ingredients and the prices cannot be lowered down as easily.

Visit main websites and deal with real and authorized agents only to avoid problems when it comes to your skin care cosmetics.