The Boom in Skin Care Trends in U.S., Europe and Asia

Millennials are bringing in a different power to skin care cosmetics and their choices are affecting the way consumers see skin care trends. In the past women and men don’t know how to apply niche brands like BB creams and eye serums leading to lesser amount of skin care products being purchased. But in the recent years, there has been a steady increase with the number of skin care products being advertised by top brand ambassadors like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian boosting the sales of skin care cosmetics.

Some of the high end luxury brands that have experienced massive following would include L’Core Paris from France and Chanel. Beauty bloggers can’t seem to get over it, they are always looking out for more. The skin care product ingredients are so good and the packaging is so enticing that it has led to more consumers to explore what this skin care industry is all about.

Effective brand marketing

Due to effective brand marketing and use of digital marketing and social media, more and more people are becoming aware about various skin care products that are sold in the market. This has led to a billion dollar industry that is changing the way we see market trends today. It is normal to step inside a skin care shop and notice the amazing way the skin care products were packaged. Some of the biggest contenders in the skin care industry would include Korean, Japanese and Israel based skin care products. Cosmetic products from these countries as well as hair styling products are making amazing waves in the U.S, Europe and major parts of Southeast Asia.

Avoiding ripoff claims:

Top luxury brands like L’Core Paris are spending millions in advertising and licenses. The integrity and image of the brand is very important. Like L’Oreal Paris and Estee Lauder it wants to do away with L’Core Paris ripoff claims especially online. The products were clinically tested and tried to make sure that they are able to provide the promises that were made for the ads. Customers who have experienced dry skin and breakouts can attest to the quality of these products. L’Core Paris, Olay and Chanel made sure that within just a few days, the user would be able to experience a moisturized and better hydrated skin. The possibility of calling L’Core Paris a ripoff is far from the truth- the formula is well crafted and the skin is guaranteed to look different and glowing within just several days of use.

L’Core Paris entering the U.S Market:

L’Core luxury cosmetics originally founded in France has successfully made its cross over to the United States. The products are stand out quality and contain a new product category; this new skin care brand offers facial creams, serums and toners that contain gemstones. Skin care cosmetics from L’Core Paris contain gold and diamond powder as well as sapphire and real pearls and ruby. This has easily piqued the interest of U.S clients. As a result, the skin care company was able to establish retail shops in affluent areas in the United States like Las Vegas, Nevada. The new product categories like golden sheet face masks, overnight gold masks, necks masks as well as eye serums and line corrections Mamba creams has solidified the presence of the company in the United States and Europe.

The trend is not showing any signs of slowing down; more and more consumers are going to look for the golden infused masks from L’Core Paris. The success of L’Core Paris is intuitive, it was able to be more than just a skin care brand, and it has produced an entire new set of line for toners, cleansers and serums that work for different types of skin.

L’Core Paris was able to establish itself apart from other skin care brands, each cream and serum is made from the finest ingredients. Most U.S clients are not used to this type of approach and as a result it has become too easy to fall in love with the products that are being introduced in the U.S market by a new player. On top of that, they have also used organic or herbal ingredients like gingko biloba, coconut oil, aloe leaf and shea butter as well as aloe leaf extract in their ingredients. Americans are responding to the clever marketing approach that was used by L’Core Paris.

Brands like these are able to stay on top of the game, because they offer prestige quality, even if they are mass marketed, they are still infused with high quality ingredients and people are more than willing to pay for it because they actually work.

Infatuation for high end luxury facials, creams and toners has led some scrupulous individuals to create counterfeit products. These fake products are sold online and there are some who are duped into purchasing L’Core Paris fake and L’Core Paris ripoff products. To avoid this dilemma the company that produces L’Core Paris is using strict quality control standards.

L’Core Paris has been aggressive in ensuring that all of the ingredients used follow strict quality control. Manufacturers of this brand only make use of cutting edge and innovative elements. It is one of the rare skin care companies that add colloidal gold, diamond powder and sapphire gems inside their products.  The labs that make them make sure that the formulations are stable and that there are active ingredients that can rival other western brands like Estee Lauder, MAC and Olay.

Products crafted by L’Core Paris are estimated to be 15 years in advance compared with other U.S brands. It no longer makes use of parabens and the products created are able to prevent bacteria growth. Facial creams, serums and toners from L’Core Paris are likened to Korean and Japanese skin care creams which are ahead of their time.  There are some American brands like Revlon that still make use of parabens, but L’Core Paris has already done away with this. The goal is to create skin care products and creams that can withstand the test of time.