Care for Oily Skin in the Cold

When winter hits, there’s nothing more comforting than feeling a decrease in humidity. As the temperature begins to drop, you may worry less about blotting your face and applying powder. However, this doesn’t mean that your glands will take a break from producing excess oil. While you may not feel much discomfort, that is no excuse to skip a cleansing session. Instead, grab a creamy face wash that won’t leave your skin parched.


While it’s important to clean up the excess oil on your skin, completely removing your skin’s natural oils will cause unwanted dryness. Be sure to replenish any lost moisture with a water-based moisturizer. Don’t use oil-based moisturizers, as that can give your skin an unpleasantly greasy feeling.


Whatever season it is, forgetting about sunscreen is a cardinal sin. Apply sunscreen each morning after washing your face, and choose a specially-designed version for oily skin. That’s the kind that will give you much-needed protection without clogging your pores. To save on time, be sure to choose a daily moisturizer or makeup foundation that already has sunscreen. Sunburn not only increases premature wrinkles and skin cancer; the drying effect also increases oil production, leading to unwanted acne.


Don’t forget about exfoliation. This is the key to maintaining healthy skin tone. Create a regular routine and use a good exfoliating gel—preferably one with vitamin E. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised after using it twice a week.


An important thing you shouldn’t touch is petroleum jelly for your lips. When your lips are chapped, opt for an herbal or medicated lip balm. When winter hits, most people bathe using hot water. Keep your skin moisturized with a few drops of tea tree oil and it will help keep your skin soft and supple.


One of the most important tips for having beautiful skin is to keep it well hydrated, inside and out. There’s just so much that topical serums and moisturizers can do, and drinking water can help your body flush out toxins and bacteria from your skin’s pores.


By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your skin will look fresher for longer, and won’t shrivel up like an unfortunate starfish. And when you need the kind of skin care products your skin is sure to love, look no further than L’Core Paris. While the brand has its fair share of naysayers that proclaim that L’Core Paris products are a ripoff, they usually mean in price—not in quality. There hasn’t been a complaint directed towards the effectiveness of the product, or that the product caused their skin to flare up or caused facial harm.


That further cements the dedication L’Core has for their customers, dedicated to giving them luxurious and radiant skin without resorting to invasive surgery.