L’Core Paris seeks out Scam Protection

L’Core Paris has become a leader in high end luxury cosmetics and because of these, it is prone to counterfeit. There had been reports that there are L’Core Paris scams that are being done by scrupulous individuals. Because of these, the company has sought for legal action and have undertaken measures to make sure that this incident will be reduced. The image and integrity of the brand needs to be protected.

The company has joined in the efforts for safe cosmetics for consumers; it is adhering to strict quality control standards to make sure those L’Core Paris complaints will be taken care of, and that there are no L’Core Paris scam made under the brand name.

Being a high luxury brand will require following ethical standards. Even if there is still very little legislation and requirements for what is safe for skin care cosmetics. Manufacturers of L’Core Paris are already making a stand for safer cosmetics creation. Image of the brand and reputation is important, in the coming years more consumers would want to use skin care creams, facials and toners that will not cause them health risks. Because of this, creators of L’Core Paris are sourcing out ingredients that are not harmful for the skin. The methods of packaging used are also ethical and does not lead to deforestation or harmful situations for animals where the ingredients are sourced from. It is all about creating a product that can be trusted.

Skin care products have to be made with integrity, and they have to be truly effective. L’Core Paris was able to create a good name for itself, due to its ability to adhere to safety standards worldwide.

Strict Quality Compliance:

All of the ingredients used in L’Core Paris products have undergone safety assessment for personal care products. It has passed the regulatory safety net and has ranked high for high end luxury brands for the presence of basic safety evaluations when creating the products. It has signed the compact made by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics done by more than 50 organizations. It has made a pledge to create honest and trustworthy ad campaigns and to remove any toxic chemicals in the ingredients.

The company only makes use of safer alternatives when it comes to the skin care products that they are using. This decision came as a result of the scientific evidence of the harm of chemical exposure on the skin. L’Core Paris has committed to creating safe products. It has chosen to use non-toxic products that can be stored for a much longer life. As a result, there are no protests and issues about L’Core Paris scam that has emerged over the years. The brand has been safe from any lawsuit, there are no lawsuits filed under its name and customers continue to attest to the effectiveness of the skin care products from L’Core Paris.

Creating safer cosmetics:

L’Core Paris is determined to provide safer cosmetics; it has done away with using toxic chemicals in the ingredients and have focused on using organic skin care ingredients instead. The main ingredients used in the products are sourced out from nature. Coconut oil, shea butter and aloe leaf extract are staple ingredients of L’Core Paris instead of harmful or toxic chemicals.

As a result, customers need not worry about side effects when using the products. The product are safe from ingredients that cause cancer, asthma, allergies and other health related problems caused by toxic chemicals usually found in skin care products.

Skin care creams and facial toners and cleansers from L’Core Paris do not contain formaldehyde or 4dioxane. It does not contain any ingredient that disrupts hormones like parables, triclosan, phthalates or synthetic fragrance masks. It also does not contain lead, arsenic or cadmium.  The company has ensured that all of the ingredients used are safe for the skin.

Due to the popularity of the brand, it is prone to experiencing counterfeit products being sold under its name. There are L’Core Paris scam products that are out in the market. Customers need to be careful and need to buy only from authorized resellers of L’Core Paris to avoid purchasing fake products.

L’Core Paris follows the Safe Cosmetics Act:

To boost the integrity of the company and to prove that it works with integrity and in the best interest of the people. L’Core Paris is following the Safe Cosmetics act.  The products that they are creating will not cause cancer; this is because L’Core Paris is following safe and strict quality standards. The company is registered with the Food and Drugs Administration and it has been transparent with the ingredients it is using for the facial creams, toners and serums including the facial masks.

It also follows strict market testing, before the products are sold they undergo random sample tests for potential pathogens and contaminants that might have been included inside the skin care products. Packaging and distribution strategies of L’Core Paris are also reported to the FDA to make sure that it is following orders when it comes to market restrictions when it comes to packaging. Workers of L’Core Paris are properly briefed and guided as to the health hazards and standards that need to be used when creating the products.

L’Core Paris has been steadfast in its commitment for safer cosmetics.  It understands that even if a product is said to be natural or eco-friendly it must still be tried and tested to make sure that it is really safe to use daily.  Unlike high luxury brand Estee Lauder, it does not make use of parabens or formaldehyde inside the product. It also does not contain carcinogens inside the skin care ingredients that might lead to kidney damage and respiratory damage.

Customers can be sure that L’Core Paris range or products are safe to use. The Food and Drugs Administration has found the company careful when it comes to their processing. The behavior of consumers is changing. Millennials want more products that are convenient to use, and at the same time ultimately safe for the skin.